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Horses I Have Known, by Doris Kay HalsteadWhat readers say about Horses I Have Known

"...I hoped that I would like this book; however, this reading experience went beyond the simple enjoyment of the stories and illustrations. I found myself wishing that I owned a horse...." Click here to read the entire review by Bettie Corbin Tucker

“It was truly fun to read your perspective on so many of the special horses we have both known over the years.  I think your new book will help a lot people begin to realize just how much horses understand and communicate if we take the time to NOTICE what they are trying to tell us.  Just like people, when they know they are heard, they are encouraged to share more - and what wonderful things they have to share!
      One of my favorite experiences has occurred many times over the years.  Commonly at the start of the semester I introduce the college students in the beginner classes to the lesson horses.  As we do "barn walk" I chat with the horses, relay a bit of each one's history and things that make him or her unique, and verbalize to the students what the horse's body language is saying to us at that moment.  At the end of the semester, multiple students will come to me privately to say, "You know, that first day of class I thought you were nuts - making up all that stuff the horses were supposedly saying.  But by the end of the semester of working with my horse and watching him, I realized I was talking to him just like you did, and he really WAS talking to me!  I just had to learn how to listen!"  And that is what this book does - it helps us learn how to listen.”
Joanne Young, MS, Professor, horsemanship at Houghton College in Western New York

“I have known Doris for many years. I know her as a breeder and a very fine-feeling and elegant rider. Her many years of experience, (where she studied the strength and weaknesses of the horse) and her love for horses, have given her the push to help those beautiful creatures through her physical therapy.
Now I have the pleasure to also recognize her as an author through her book – “Horses I Have Known”.  She writes in a lovely manner about horses she’s had experience with. It was a pleasure to read the book and I would recommend it to others.”
Walter Zettl, Author: Dressage in Harmony, Hamilton, Ontario

“This is a truly remarkable and unique book giving deep insight into how our horse companions relate to us and to life, and it shows what is possible between us if we are aware and open. Since many of us are not lucky enough to have a mentor to work with like Doris, this book serves to inspire us all to notice each horse's amazing capabilities, and to draw that out in them.  With each heart rending story I would just think to myself, that is amazing! Horses respond to who we are, and we respond back; which is why we are hooked on horses.  But here is a book about that. 
     I enjoyed horses before I read this book. But now I have a deeper insight into them.  I can't wait to go to the barn today.”
Paula Mackowiak (Paula is a Physical therapist.  She was assistant professor at the School of Physical Therapy SUNY Buffalo at one time and now owns Gateway Physical Therapy in Hamburg NY.)

“Just wonderful! Doris has the incredible ability to see a horse and know exactly what they're thinking.  She puts into words that we can understand just what horses are trying to express to us.  Her uncanny ability allows her to communicate with our four legged friends in a way I've never seen before.
    Doris makes you feel like YOU have known each and every one of the horses she's written about.  She captures your spirit and brings it on a journey to meet each and every one of her beloved teachers, the Horses.
    Doris's experiences with horses throughout the years come alive in this book.  I feel like I've met each and every one of her beloved teachers, beloved friends, beloved horses.  They leap off the page and secure a special place in my heart for each animal!  I'll take their lessons taught to Doris and incorporate them in my further dealings with our equine friends.
    ... the book really is fantastic!” 
Jackie Braley  NCMT

“Hi Doris!
... Yes, I want the book. I would be honored to write one of the testimonials about the book.
    The foal you worked on is doing extremely well! Lisa's dad saw me the other day and said you would not even know he had ever had a problem. He was very impressed! Lisa says the foal has recovered his personality too and is a real scamp!” 
Sharon Herzog, Trainer, Arabian horse breeder
[Doris explains: The foal described above could barely be aware of his surroundings and his neck was stuck at a 30-degree angle off to one side. I worked with him about 45 minutes.  It brings tears to my eyes to have such a sweet result.]

“Doris - Your book arrived when Fred was here, staying with me to help with chores over winter break.  He immediately swiped it and read it - said he loved it......     Nice photos in it!
It brings back lots of memories.  I knew almost every horse in the book.   Our lives have intertwined in so many positive ways over many years - it has made my life richer.  And if it were not for your God-given gifts, I would not be upright and walking!   Thank you, dear friend. ”

Joanne Young

I thoroughly enjoyed "Horses I Have Known"! As a born and raised city girl with horses deep in my soul I was brought into each of their worlds for a brief time and came to feel I knew them too and fell in love with them all. I am of the firm belief that if you ever wonder if God exists, all you need do is look in the eyes of a horse. Doris's stories relay experiences of a higher power working through these wonderful animals. All you need to do is listen to what they are saying to us. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories!
Marsha Regeling, Washington, DC

“I enjoyed your book.  Couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting.  Did recognise some horses and people.  Amazing how people cross paths and influence each others lives without even realizing it by setting a chain of events rolling in another's life.  I truly enjoyed the book.”
Ginger McCarthy, Committee of Special Education Chair

Horses I Have Known
by Doris Kay Halstead
original drawings by Don Burry

Back in print! $12.95


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