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Horses I Have Known, by Doris Kay HalsteadHorses I Have Known
Kind, loving, playful, thinking, insightful and generous companions

by Doris Kay Halstead
original drawings by Don Burry

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About Horses I Have Known

"Uh, excuse me, but this child needs a little help."What did Blue do when confronted with this youngster? He asked for help!

Blue is only one of the “characters” you will meet in Horses I Have Known. These stories are upbeat and true. They show us playful, insightful, kind, thinking, loving and generous companions.

Here's a free sample chapter - it's about an old mare, Monsue, and how she taught four raucous colts to give her a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

You don't have to be “horse crazy” to enjoy these true stories about the delightful and heart warming behavior of many different horses and how they have touched the lives of their owners and riders.

Horses I Have Known is the result of Doris Halstead's desire to share her experiences from working with horses for more than three decades. It's a good read for young and old alike. Doris has learned many life lessons from these horses whom she thinks of as both friends and teachers.


“This book will help people begin to realize just how much horses understand and communicate - and what wonderful things they have to share!”

“Doris' experiences with horses throughout the years come alive in this book.  I feel like I've met each and every one of her beloved teachers, beloved friends, beloved horses.  They leap off the page and secure a special place in my heart for each animal!  I'll take their lessons taught to Doris and incorporate them in my further dealings with our equine friends.”

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The author, Doris Halstead, has worked as a physical therapist with humans and horses for 40 years. She owned a farm in Cuba, NY, for 30 years where she bred and rode horses. Read more about the author.

Horses I Have Known
by Doris Kay Halstead - $12.95


Doris Halstead offers consultations to riders using the material in her books with their horses. Learn more...

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