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Release the Potential Second EditionRelease the Potential
Second Edition

by Doris Kay Halstead

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"Doris, thank you so much for your work and your book. I wish I could study with you directly, but the book is priceless." - Margaret Henkels, New Mexico

"I bought your new book and IT IS GREAT. The addition of the diagnostic part is a HUGE improvement. It is so easy to use now. (I should have sold my copies of the earlier edition while the prices were hot!!!)" - Susan, Vermont

About the DVD

Attain Symmetry in Motion
with the BREMM Method

B    Body evaluation is shown first.

R     Release techniques from the book are demonstrated. The C7 is done in real time to show the time it may take to get a good release. This release takes many minutes but lecture goes on as to how the techniques work and what is happening at the time so that valuable video/audio time is not lost.

E    Energy work is discussed and focus mentioned during the release of C7 and added into the teaching along the way.

M    Muscle tone reset and techniques are covered particularly in the release of C7.

M    Movement retraining is done as part of the releases. In addition, two sections at the end of the tape cover bringing up awareness to the body and integrating the movement into full body patterns.

The A/O (head neck junction) technique is combined with muscle spasm, release as well.  It shows again the time, technique and focus it takes to fully release a muscle spasm that has become "ingrained" into the muscle.

Nearly all of the techniques shown in the book are discussed.  Evaluation to tell where the asymmetries lie and set up for release of them is shown on the video.  Releases other than C7 have not been released in real time as it would be prohibitive time wise. 


Learn to release the potential in your horse.

Doris's BREMM method will teach you to evaluate and release restrictions and develop your horse's ability to move freely and correctly.

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About Release the Potential

Release the Potential book cover
Cover of the first edition

Release the Potential is a “how to” book for using physical therapies such as massage and myofascial release on your horse, using the techniques shown in Symmetry in Motion

Any dedicated horse owner can do these techniques for straightening “crookedness” in body posture.

Release the Potential has lots of photos showing the working positions and skeletal diagrams to give you a concept of what the asymmetry looks like.

Anecdotal stories of horses that made amazing improvements with these techniques bring the work to life.

The first edition of Release the Potential went out of print for some years and was in high demand. The Second Edition is completely revised.

I have been enjoying and recommending Release the Potential since its publication. Now I'm told it's out of print! Arrrgh! As a physical therapist and craniosacral/ myofascial therapist, this is THE best book on this subject I've ever run across, and hope it gets republished asap! - Holly Dolben, Marshfield MA

I hadn't seen your book and found a library that had a copy... and getting it sent to my library took longer than expected. It's an amazing book!!!!!!!! Do you still have two copies left? I want one but I have a friend that may also want one... when do you publish again? - Cecelia, from Somewhere in Cyberspace

Release the Potential, Second Edition


To purchase, please contact:
Jacky Gladu at

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