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Doris Kay Halstead

Release the Potential! A practical guide to Myofascial Release for Horse & Rider - book coverRelease the Potential - 2nd Edition

DVD Now Available!

Doris has created a new edition of Release the Potential, a how-to book on techniques for correcting asymmetries in your horse's posture and gait. And now you can see Doris doing the release techniques described in the book on the new Release the Potential DVD.

We even have a free sample chapter for you. Read more about Release the Potential.

Horses I Have Known, by Doris Kay Halstead - bookHorses I Have Known:
Kind, loving, playful, thinking, insightful and generous companions

by Doris Kay Halstead

Stories about horses by a lifelong rider and physical therapist for both horses and humans.

Read more about Horses I Have Known

Awakening Riders Pelvic Movement - booklet

Awakening Riders Pelvic Movement
by Doris Kay Halstead


Doris Halstead offers consultations to riders using the material in her books with their horses.

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